From Kayleigh, an Undergraduate Student

I came across David Kremelberg's website after an extensive search for a statistical consultant to help me with the statistical analysis in my undergraduate dissertation. All quotes I had previously received were way out of my budget, so I was very suprised when I found this to be affordable. I have always struggled to get to grips with statistical analysis, so even though my descriptions may have been vague, he quickly helped me figure out what needed to be done. He was available to talk to via email or over the phone frequently and explained every step of the analysis to me in understandable terms. He provided me with what I needed very quickly and I was able to submit my finished dissertation with a professional results section I would never have been able to achieve alone. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of help with statistics.

Kayleigh, a Undergraduate Student

From Charles, a Doctoral Student

David was invaluable in assisting me with the analysis of a very scary and complex data set, the data was very limited and presented huge challenges, which he easily made sense of. He was extremely flexible and took time to understand my topic which allowed him to think through the best statistical approaches to use for analysis. David is extremely competent, and I was very satisfied with his work. He generated tables, and did very thorough write-ups of findings and results. I highly recommend David as a consultant!!

Charles, a Doctoral Candidate

From Dr. Cole, a Professor

When I was looking for a consultant to assist me with statistical analysis in support of a major academic research project I was doing, a colleague recommended David Kremelberg for the assignment. I hired Dr. Kremelberg for the project and quickly learned that he had extensive knowledge and experience in statistical analysis and the software tools that support statistical analysis including SPSS and Stata.

David was highly responsive regarding project deadlines. He always explained what he was doing and why he was doing it, and because of his patient approach I learned a great deal more about the analysis process. His contribution saved me weeks of additional work on the project.

I highly recommend Dr. David Kremelberg to anyone who requires the services of a statistical consultant.


Michael D. Cole

Michael D. Cole
Assistant Professor, Marketing
New Jersey City University

From Wayne, a Doctoral Candidate

Dr. Kremelberg provided indispensible assistance to me with the statistical analyses required to finish my dissertation research. He instantly grasped the goals of the research design and explained in an understandable fashion how the statistical analyses should be structured to support those goals. His work was impeccable in every respect; he provided thorough, accurate finished products very promptly and his fees were quite reasonable. I strongly recommend him to anyone in need of statistics expertise.

From Omar Henriquez, a Psychiatrist

After extensive research, I came across David Kremelberg's website, I was initially impressed with his CV and testimony from other professionals. Initially, he helped me to clarify my ideas about the methodology of my study by providing the most suitable approach. During the project, he not only responded promptly to my questions related with the study, but also he was able to comply with the deadlines. His outstanding knowledge coupled with clear advice make him one of the best professionals I have seen in the last few years. I wont hesitate to use his services again, since he improved the overall quality of my project. I have already recommended his services to friends and colleagues.

Omar Henriquez
Associate Specialist Psychiatry
United Kingdom

From Mindi, a Masters Student

I worked with Dr. Kremelberg for about 6 months on my thesis paper for my masters degree. I found him to be very personable! He was above and beyond exceptional in his professionalism and knowledge of statistics. Dr. Kremelberg took the time to read through my entire paper, determine what was needed and searched for data sets to provide a detailed analysis and prove my hypotheses. The tables he put together to present the statistical analysis were so professional that I was asked to cite which source they came from! He was easy to contact, always provided helpful ideas and suggestions, and he offered very reasonable rates. My university thesis instructor was very difficult to work with and provided little if any explanation for revisions he wanted for my paper. Dr. Kremelberg worked tirelessly to translate what the instructor was looking for and he provided timely responses and quality work, no matter how many times I returned to him for help. Even when I just wanted to give up, he encouraged me to keep working toward my goal! I most certainly could not have produced the quality paper that I submitted without the support of Dr. Kremelberg. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kremelberg to anyone in need of assistance with statistical analysis for a paper/dissertation/thesis!

Mindi D.
Masters in Forensic Science
October 2011

From Sarah, a Doctoral Student

Dr. Kremelberg's work on my dissertation went above and beyond my expectations. He was thorough, quick, always available, and the quality of his work was exceptional. What I absolutely admired about Dr. Kremelberg is that he always took the time to explain everything in full detail (especially since statistics is not my forte) and he was honest and direct. My dissertation committee was highly impressed and I passed with flying colors. In fact, I passed with no modifications. I would recommend Dr. Kremelberg to anyone!

From Dr. Galit Ben-Joseph

I spent several months working through the statistical analysis portion of my Dissertation with David. David was incredibly knowledgeable, competent and efficient. He immediately knows what to do and how to do it. He also explained everything really well, in easy to understand terms, and made me feel very comfortable in asking any question. He taught me more about Statistics in these months, than I have learned in the decades of formally studying it. David was instrumental in my completing my dissertation quickly, as he was always very responsive, and up for the task at hand. He is a true pleasure to work with, and I highly recommend him and encourage everyone to use him for a portion, if not the entire stats piece of what you are working on.

From Marcia, a Graduate Student

David Kremelberg saved me in my time of dissertation crisis! I had completed most of my dissertation, but needed expert consultation for the results of my quantitative anlysis in SPSS. While I am extremely proficient in most areas of my terminal degree, statistics continue to frustrate and confuse me. David provided an excellent review of my results in a very professional writing style. The work he provided was exactly what I had requested in an extremely quick turnaround time. When I found David's website on the internet, I was a little reticent to use a professional that I had not researched well and I did not know, but those fears were completely unfounded. David is very responsive, provides specifically what you request, and is also very professional. 5 Stars plus!

From Gregory M., a Graduate Student

DK Statistical Consulting, Inc. proved to be one of the finest professional organizations of which I have ever had the pleasure of availing myself. Regarding assistance with research, data analysis, dissertation corrections and defense preparation, this firm exceeded my expectations in terms of timeliness, accuracy, reasonableness, and overall professionalism. They did exactly what I asked and complied precisely with the requirements dictated by the university guidance. I would highly recommend their services to anyone seeking top notch dissertation/defense assistance.

From Bobbie L., a Graduate Student

Although I took both Research Methods and Statistics in the course of earning my graduate degree, neither of the courses were as in-depth as they really needed to be. After struggling to make sense out of the data for days and facing a significant time crunch in completing my degree, I researched statistical consultants for students, and Dr. Kremelberg was the only person willing to even try and help me. With only days to work with instead of weeks or months, he took the time to read my project and to make sure that my approach was sound. His recommendations were flawless, and he explained everything in such a way that I could understand what was actually needed, and why. We spoke by telephone several times as he explained his progress. His final report was extremely professional and perfectly captured the results of my study. With this input I was able to craft a results section that was much more impressive than what I would have been able to come up with on my own, and he was very patient with my follow-up questions and need for clarification. I learned more about how to report statistical analysis in the week of working with Dr. Kremelberg than I did out of a 9-week university-level course and several months of trying to figure it out on my own. I highly recommend Dr. Kremelberg and his service to anyone in need of statistical consulting.

From Clint, a Recent Doctoral Graduate

Finishing my dissertation would not have been possible without Dr. Kremelberg. He quickly and easily made sense of a very complex data set and composed a results chapter of which my committee requested zero modifications. He was very responsive to emails and took time to speak with me via phone before my oral defense so I would have a thorough understanding of the statistical analyses. I would highly recommend Dr. Kremelberg to anyone in need of statistical help for a thesis or dissertation. I simply cannot say enough great things about his work.

From Francisca Ofokansi, a Graduate Student

Dr. David was very helpful with my statistical analysis having previously dealt with a previous statistician who could not perform the analysis. David was very patient irregardless of the dataset being difficult to deal with and me not knowing exactly what i wanted to be done. He told me what he was doing and why he was conducting each test,he explained to me why what test will work and why he did the analysis he was doing at any stage of the project. it was very feasible and flexible working with david irregardless of the short deadline i had given to him. David saved me a great deal from work that i would have never been able to complete. he was very professional at every stage of the analysis. I will recommend him to any one as he is very competent in any data analysis you would like to be performed.