I enjoy working as a statistical consultant and have had as clients individuals in the fields of psychology, sociology, marketing, management, and many other fields. I enjoy working in a variety of fields and have never had a problem bringing my statistical expertise into an area that I have not previously had experience with.

I have utilized a variety of statistical methods in my work as a consultant, including t-tests, ANOVAs, ANCOVAs, regression, and factor analysis. I have had experience with a much wider variety of statistical methods, the majority of which are included in my CV.

If you are in need of a statistical consultant, please contact me and I'll be happy to speak with you about your study. I pride myself on having a fast turn-around time and confident that I can meet whatever deadlines you may have.

Dissertation and Thesis Consulting

I have assisted hundreds of graduate students over the years with their thesis or dissertation. Writing a thesis or dissertation can be a lengthy, time-consuming process, though I'm available to assist you with whatever you may need. Typically I assist graduate students with the methodology and results portion of their study, but frequently assist in other areas as well.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Having a great deal of experience with IRBs, I greatly understand the importance of keeping data confidential. All data sets that I receive in my work as a statistical consultant are kept on an encrypted hard drive, so even if my computer was to be lost or stolen, you can be assured that your data will be kept confidential.

I realize that some of my clients prefer to keep the fact that they have a statistical consultant working for them confidential. As a strict rule, I never release information regarding who I work for or what projects I am working on to anyone unless I have your express permission. If you wish to tell other people that you are working with a statistical consultant, that is entirely your prerogative. You can review my full privacy policy here.


I use an hourly rate for two reasons: first, it means that you do not overpay in case things go more quickly than anticipated, and secondly it means that I am not underpaid in case things take a little longer than what was originally planned.

Once I have everything I need, I'll prepare a quote based on my hourly rate and send it to you for your consideration.

I would also be happy to supply you with an itemized list of how I have spent my time as long as this is requested in advance.

Also, note that I currently have a three hour minimum for new clients. Any remaining time I can apply to any future work you might need, and this credit never expires.

Free Initial Consultation

If you are uncertain about the prospect of hiring a statistical consultant or what the cost might be, please feel free to contact me first. I'd be happy to discuss your study or project in more detail either over e-mail or over the phone at no cost.

Terms of Service

Please click here to review my full terms of service.